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Midwife in Montpellier

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160 avenue Jacques Cartier,
34000 Montpellier

I am fluent in both French and English. I have done all my studies at the medical university of Montpellier and received my midwife diploma in 2007.

Midwives can provide support for women at all stages of their lives, and  can ensure your medical follow-up, whether it is gynecological follow-up, contraception or pregnancy.

During pregnancy:
We can monitor your pregnancy, from the declaration of pregnancy to post natal visit, and prescribe all the exams necessary to ensure a smooth progress for this joyous life event.  In case of pathology, follow-up is done in collaboration with a gynecologist.

At the end of pregnancy, or on medical prescription, we carry out examinations to monitor the well-being of your baby and the smooth progress of your pregnancy.

The midwife takes care of the preparation for the birth, which allows you to approach  your maternity with serenity. All the areas related to your pregnancy are dealt with through our program,  consisting of 8 appointments which are paid  100% by Social Security with the carte vitale.

I also do courses in pool preparation as well as yoga. The prenatal aquagym will allow you to maintain your shape and release your muscular tensions throughout pregnancy.

Yoga is a body work that aims to achieve balance and harmony of the body and mind.

Once you have returned from maternity, you may have many questions. We carry out post-natal follow-up at home (including weighing babies and advice on breastfeeding and child care), perineal rehabilitation and post-natal consultation.

Gynecological and contraceptive monitoring:
The competences of the midwife extend beyond pregnancy and it is within this framework that we realize all the follow-up and the acts necessary for your gynecological follow-up of prevention (smear, annual examination, blood test …) and contraceptive (prescription of the pill, installation of an  « IUD » and implant …).  This service and follow-up is for women with no pathologies. Otherwise,  referral to a gynecologist is necessary.

160 avenue Jacques Cartier, 34000 Montpellier
B28 building (Ground floor)

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